South Asia’s maritime industry’s new momentum is creating trade opportunities for Indian leaders gathering at INMEX SMM India’s popular conference.
Hear how global leaders plan to capitalize on new: 

  • data-driven requirements
  • security demands
  • inland waterway funding
  • emission technologies and mitigation strategies 
  • and smart maritime solutions that will increase ROIs

Admiralty Theatre

Living with ECDIS Seminar

This seminar from the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office is free to attend and is designed to help mariners and shipping companies to achieve the full benefits of ECDIS, whilst remaining compliant.

Led by Tom Mellor, UKHO ‘Living with ECDIS’ Seminar provides industry insight and guidance on a range of subjects from changes in legal requirements to maintenance issues.

CIMAC Circle

NEW REQUIREMENTS: Challenges & opportunities in meeting the Tier III standards and other emission requirements

Discuss the most stringent emission requirements yet for vessels in NOx Emission Control Areas, and how to assure your engines will pass periodic inspections. The different types of dedicated NOx emission control technologies will be compared including exhaust gas recirculation and selective catalytic reduction.

Technical Seminar

Stay up-to-date with Propeller Designs and Analysis of Emissions and Fuel Options During Early Stage Design with Adam Kaplan, Sr Project Engineer, HydroComp.

Don't miss the latest Developments by Rockwool Technical Insulation on innovative technical insulation solutions for the offshore, shipbuilding, petrochemical, process and power industries.