Exhibitor Tools


Whether you're an experienced exhibitor looking to make the most out of your experience of INMEX SMM India, or a first time exhibitor looking for some useful tips - check out these guides for advice on how to enhance your experience before, during and after the exhibition. For more information about free marketing tools and for help in planning your event, please email [email protected]

General guide to exhibiting

General guide to exhibiting

If you're a seasoned exhibitor or exhibiting for the first time, this guide outlines some simple principles that you can implement to optimise your experience at INMEX SMM India. 

Guide to Exhibiting Overseas

Guide to Exhibiting Overseas

Exhibiting is rewarding but challenging, particularly if not on home ground. From border crossings to language barriers, this is your indispensable guide to exhibiting in another country.

First Time Exhibitor Guide

First Time Exhibitor Guide

This guide takes you through steps to ensure you prepare and plan for a successful event. The guide provides advice on everything from setting objectives to pre-show marketing.

Video Guides

Setting Your Exhibition Objectives

This video explains how to define your marketing purpose at the event, whether it be meeting new prospects, meeting current customers or building brand awareness in the industry.

Getting Your Exhibition Stand Right

Your stand is the first thing visitors see when experiencing your brand. Learn how to maximise your stand's potential with a focus on functionality, design and more.

Creating Experiences On Your Stand

This video focuses on creating experiences to encourage visitors to your stand, covering everything in stand experience.

Planning Your Exhibition Presence

Explore how best to plan your exhibition presence so you don't get lost in the crowd. This video covers stand size, stand location, proximity to competitors and more! Get it right and reap the rewards.

Marketing Your Exhibition Activity

Make your presence at the event known and create a buzz to drive visitors to your stand. Explore how to maximise your brand presence through key marketing channels; social media, email and offline marketing.

Following Up On Your Exhibition Activity

Did you know that 80% of leads are never followed up? Don't let all that hard work go to waste. Find out how soon you should follow up your leads, the level of follow up necessary for different prospects and more.

What To Do After You Book Your Stand

Kick start your planning by adding your company details and logos to the event website, considering your stand design and thinking about your graphics.

Maximising Your Exhibition Presence

Have you considered sponsorship opportunities as a way to drive brand engagement? There are options to suit every budget. Find out how you can maximise your presence at the event.

Measuring Your Success And Effectiveness

This video looks at when and how to calculate your return on investment (ROI), your ROI vs expectations and more. Determine whether exhibiting was a worthwhile investment for your business.

Planning Your Stand Engagement

This video looks at how best to customise your stand to suit your target audience, and effectively make use of these tactics for long term gain.

Engaging With Exhibition Visitors

This video aims to enlighten you about the three main types of visitor and how to determine who is worth the investment of your valuable time.